Machine curated list of the best Twitter links

The Many Battles of Nina Simone | The New Yorker

How Nina Simone turned the movement into music: #TNYarchive [via]

Google, Facebook Security Guards Finally Have a Union Contract

security guards at Google & Facebook finally won their union contract yesterday! [via]

Aretha Franklin’s American Soul | The New Yorker

"Soul Survivor" A profile of Aretha Franklin: (David Remnick, @newyorker '16) [via]

Roger Stone shares image of himself and Trump as "Space Force" wearing swastikas …[via]

Toward a taxonomy of men online - The Verge

Toward a taxonomy of men online, by @bijanstephen [via]

YC China + Qi Lu

I am really happy to share that Qi Lu is joining YC, and we are launching in China! [via]

The Man in Xinjiang: A Frightening Experience in Rural China | The New Yorker

A new piece by Ottessa Moshfegh in the @newyorker: The Man in Xinjiang [via]

This Company Keeps Lies About Sandy Hook on the Web - The New York Times

The only platform doing moderation worse than Twitter is apparently Wordpress WORDPRESS [via] - CounterSocial

I am deactivating my account here on #DeactiDay. I’m giving a try. I’m @Frauenfelder there.[via]

American podcasters are starting to pay more attention to their international audiences (and their pounds, loonies, and euros) » Nieman Journalism Lab

What's the best way for local news organizations to use podcasts? [via]

“… climate as television, to be summoned with the twiddle of a dial …” [via]

I want bad news and I want it fast: That’s the business model for Factal, a business-focused company from the founders of Breaking News » Nieman Journalism Lab

Give me the bad news and give it to me quick! [via]

Read Nieman Lab stories in other languages — and help us translate them into more! » Nieman Journalism Lab

Want to get more involved in Nieman Lab translations? See how here: [via]