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Holocaust Survivors Recall Exact Day Holocaust Started Right Out Of The Blue

Holocaust Survivors Recall Exact Day Holocaust Started Right Out Of The Blue [via]

Reasons I Was Crying on the Subway | The New Yorker

I saw a Seamless ad that said “Food Is Bae” or something similar and lost my faith in the human race. [via]

Humanity’s Eternal Quest for a Better Way of Peeling Garlic | The New Yorker

I spent the morning stabbing at garlic with a variety of knives and I kind of got it to work??? [via]

The Haunted Image of Harriet Tubman on the Twenty-Dollar Bill | The New Yorker

wrote about the prospect of harriet tubman on the twenty dollar bill [via]

How Families Separated at the Border Could Make the Government Pay | The New Yorker

#ICYMI: An outstanding and necessary read, by @stillsarita. [via]

Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Two Paths for the American Left | The New Yorker

Always read @OsitaNwanevu [via]

Scientists amazed as Canadian permafrost thaws 70 years early - Reuters

Scientists Amazed As Canadian Permafrost Thaws 70 Years Early via @Digg[via]

Facebook Plans Global Financial System Based on Cryptocurrency - The New York Times

What. Could. Go. Wrong? [via]

A Couple Whose Dog Was Stolen By A Wag Walker Is Calling For A Boycott Of The App

This couple's dog was stolen by a Wag walker. Now, they want the company to be held accountable [via]

Why Do Dogs Look So Sad? - The Atlantic

Dogs’ Eyes Have Changed Since Humans Befriended Them [via]

Patrick Shanahan withdraws as Defense Secretary nominee, addresses violent domestic incidents - The Washington Post

This is a jaw dropping story: As Trump’s defense pick withdraws, he addresses violent domestic incidents [via]

SF becomes first U.S. city to ban sale of e-cigarettes – The San Francisco Examiner

"Juul has contributed $500,000 to the Coalition for Reasonable Vaping Regulation" Lol. [via]

Home - Coalition for Reasonable Vaping Regulation

Wow how could anyone be against reasonable vaping just looking at this kum ba yah stock art makes me want to juul [via]

You can train an AI to fake UN speeches in just 13 hours - MIT Technology Review

It took two researchers 13 hours and $7.80 to train an AI model to fake UN speeches. [via]

What will Libra, Facebook’s new cryptocurrency, mean for news? » Nieman Journalism Lab

What will Libra, Facebook’s new cryptocurrency, mean for news? [via]

Meet TikTok: How The Washington Post, NBC News, and The Dallas Morning News are using the of-the-moment platform » Nieman Journalism Lab

“The lone recognizable outlet I found actually sharing news stories on TikTok was NBC News’ Stay Tuned." [via]

News outlets will need public support to battle governments set on chilling investigative journalism » Nieman Journalism Lab

Sometimes the best journalism tells us the worst news — but its public support is complicated [via]